There is much to see. Perhaps the most remarkable is the monument to the Begam herself. It was commissioned by the Begam's adopted heir, and sculpted out of Carrera marble by Tadolini, who is considered by many to have been as good as Cannova.
The Begam Monument
The Basilica is a pilgrimage centre. Many Indians come here to pray, Christians, Hindus and Muslims alike. They come by the thousands, and it is their widow's mites which help to keep the Basilica in good order. For although the Basilica is a designated National Monument, the Indian Government contribute nothing at all to its upkeep. If it were not for the pilgrims, it would be in a very bad state indeed.
There is also in Sardhana a small hospital with an outreach programme run by diocesan sisters. Meerut Diocese, apart from schools etc elsewhere, run Institutes for the mentally and physically handicapped, hostels for the children of lepers and a social service society which seeks to provide clean drinking water, health education and adult literacy programmes, to mention a few.