The Boys Hostel is the only institution of its kind where impoverished boys can be brought up and given a decent education. It is called St Francis Boarding, and is home for some hundred boys from broken homes, orphanages ,children of lepers and the very, very poor.
Hostel Residents
Unlike the other buildings, this hostel is only thirty seven years old. Because it was not built for a Begam with high standards of excellence and a deep purse, it is in a poor state of repair.
St Francis Boarders
The toilet block needs renovation. There is a need for an electricity generator, for the rural supply breaks down with daily regularity. The cost for this work is estimated at over 200,000 Rupees.
In addition, of course, the boys have to be fed and clothed. The cost of this is similar to that already quoted for the girls. These boys start with the junior school and progess to the senior one. The places which are available are not nearly enough and there has to be some sort of selection. This is done by need and potential. To quote the Superior "There has never been any discrimination on the basis of caste or creed. The only preference is the poorest of the poor - orphans."