There are two Boys Schools in Sardhana - A Junior School and a Senior School. Both are run by the the Catholic Church.
The Junior School is housed In the old house of Reghellini, the architect of the Cathedral, and is known as the Anthon Kothi, after him. It is now St Francis Primary School and is run by the brothers of St Gabriel. In this school which caters for 1st to 5th form, there are 850 students.
The Senior School is housed in the magnificent New Palace, the main architect of which is said also to have been Reghellini. Earlier Bishops declined an opportunity to have this declared a National Monument because they did not wish to have it also open to visitors outside their control.
This is St Charles Inter College, which is a Hindu Medium School. It is state aided, which means that the teachers are paid by the Government, who pay nothing else. It is a fee paying school. It covers 6th -12th forms. There are over 1,300 students, of whom only 150 are Christians.
The maintenance of these buildings has to be paid for by the Church. This is quite obviously beyond the resources of the parish in which it is situated. Recently, the beams which supported the roof collapsed. The roof has been replaced by a corrugated iron roof. It is functional but unworthy of such a splendid edifice.