How you can help
ARUNDEL is a small parish, comparable in size to Sardhana. Since 1999, when the Support Group was founded, we have raised approximately £14,500 to help, and although this can achieve a great deal it is not nearly enough.This can only be achieved by help from outside Arundel, and we and our colleagues in Sardhana would greatly appreciate your help in raising more. There are three ways in which you can help.
1. You can send money.
2. You can pray.
3. You can make a special trip to Sardhana if you visit India.

Visitors to ARUNDEL CATHEDRAL will find Sardhana labels to stick on collection jars. Please send us either the jar's contents, or a cheque for the value collected to the address below. You can also place a donation in the special wall box alongside the SARDHANA notice board on the north aisle. Or you can just send a cheque or money in any form. Cheques should be made out to the SARDHANA SUPPORT GROUP

The address to which you should send your donation is:

Sardhana Support Group Office
Cathedral House
Parsons Hill
West Sussex
BN18 9AY
Girl students
Prayer is more potent than most people think! Just pray for the Christians of India, those of Sardhana, and the poor, deprived and sick.
A visit to SARDHANA is an unforgettable experience. It is off the beaten tourist track, but near enough to Delhi for a visit. If you can stomach local Indian buses, you can go by bus from Meerut. You can get to Meerut by bus or train. But taxis are relatively cheap and the best way for a European is to hire a taxi for a day. Fares are negotiable within reason. If you enquire at a good tourist agency, there are even some day excursions.