Seminary View
St John's Minor Seminary is located in the Old Palace, whose construction dates back to the late 18th Century. It includes underground rooms which the Moghuls were accustomed to build as refuges from the heat. Now they are unusable, for the water table has risen and they flood during the monsoons and become unusable thereafter.
For many years it was the only centre In North India for the training of priests. Now it is the formation centre for three Dioceses. There are some 30 students training for the priesthood, of whom Two thirds come from Meerut Diocese. They study for 2-3 years according to their abilities. Those who are not yet sufficiently academically qualified have to first study at St Charles Inter-College.
All come from poor families; those who have to trust in God for their daily sustenance. They have to be fed and clothed and their academic expenses to be covered. Furthermore this building, which is a genuine ancient monument, has to be maintained and kept in good order. The annual running costs amount to over 500,000 rupees - and the annual income being support from Rome and the other two dioceses is 234,000 rupees.